Choosing a Comfy Meditation Seat

Typically, an ideal meditation posture usually has three vital characteristics: stable, straight and comfy. For this purpose, finding the perfect meditation seat for your unique body type is a very important step. There are numerous products out there from the meditation cushions, stools, zabutons, zafus, etc. hence you might end up getting confused as to which one you should select.

The meditation seat that you require usually depends on the posture that you prefer while meditating. You ought to remember that your body should be straight, stable and as you will be sitted for a long period, very comfortable. The first decision that you need to make is the posture that you do like and there are respective meditation seats that complement these postures.

If you prefer the yoga posture then what you need is a thin cushion which needs not to be high as it could make you lean foward. For the Burmese posture, you might need to use a Zafu or bolster gomden as they are perfect for this posture. However, if you find sitting cross-legged a bit hard, then you could try sit on the Japanese kneeling position popularly known as seiza. It only requires a meditation stool, or turning a zafu on its side and then styraddle it.

If your knees do not agree with the positions above, or you just require a backup seat for longer meditation sessions, you could simply use a chair. Here you might require a thin cushion to support your lower back or get your height right.

Cushion Heights

The filling and height of a cushion can create a huge difference to your meditation experience. The heights of cushions usually vary from 5 to 23cm. Thus, if you find that your cushion is not working, the main problem might be with the height. It may either too short or tall for your body type and as earlier mentioned, you ought to consider picking a meditation seat that perfectly suits your body. Consider trying different heights and cushions and at times, the difference between a sore back or a smooth session or sleep legs could be brought about by only one inch.

Cushion Fillings

This is yet another important factor to consider before you buy your meditation seat or cushion. You could try more than one type of filling and see which one works best for your meditation requirements. There are several types of fillings including Buckwheat hull which usually feels like you are sitting on sand. It is recommended for those who prefer sitting on a softer cushion. Some are filled with kapok and they are usually firmer than those in buckwheat hence it holds your body more firmly. Wool, cotton, polypill and air are also other materials that are used to fill cushions.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the various meditation seats and you are at a better position to choose the best one for you. Considering that your meditation seat is expected to last for decades, it could be wise to invest some time and money for you to come up with an ideal solution for you.